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Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer in India

Premium Shirting and Suiting in Mumbai

Carino ia leading wholesale clothing manufacturer in India. Today everyone wants to be fashionable, even wearing uniform. For every other Uniforms Manufacturer in Mumbai, Carino is an inspiration with loads of unique and quality designs made out of excellent quality of raw materials. The fabric is quite skin- friendly and the entire finished product is very economical considering its quality and durability. The company is one of the professionally acclaimed leaders in the domain as a potential manufacturer of staff uniforms in India as well as a leading manufactures of corporate uniforms in India. From being a similar textile boon to the fastest ever growing professional developers of flawless fabric, today Carino is giving unmatched competition to its competitors.

As a community, we believe in setting a trend among people. Uniforms many a time are boring, with similar stripes, lines and collars. It was believed to have a normal, common pattern. With a revolution in the fashion industry, the change in the conception of uniforms has also changed. Even corporate Staff Uniforms in India are trendy and fashionable that it is easy to wear them through out the day without any kind of discomfort. There is a variety in design and pattern at Carino, which is into existence for a very long time from now. As a potential and leading uniforms manufacturer in Mumbai, the company has employed some of the bets in industry, specialized and innovative minds that are into the task of designing and production. Corporate Uniforms in India is mandatory today. It not only brings out a uniformity and class among the employers, but it also takes the name of the company for which are working, to an altogether a new level. People today identified the company or brand by the uniforms their employers are wearing. It indirectly promotes a business venture.

1. A material used in the production of a uniform or any other garment must be breathable, as it has to be worn the entire day often
2. It must be skin friendly
3. The final completed product must has a long shelf life, it must be durable enough to be used on a daily basis

Carino has witnessed several sorts of ups and downs of the industry, which is evident. Today it has surpassed the test of time and is considered one of the most professional yet cost effective brands as a uniforms manufacturer in Mumbai that offers no less than the best product to their valuable clients.