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Uniforms Manufacturer in Gujarat

Raw Material for Clothing

Work uniforms. Manufacturer of work clothes and work clothes.
In carino we have been manufacturing all kinds of work uniforms manufacturer in gujarat clothes for decades. Starting from the most industrial sectors, advancing to the service sector and finally in fashion and customized design costumes. All the fabrications are made nationwide. In this way it is ensured that both the fabrics, as the cut, the confection and the personalization, maintain excellent quality levels.

What fabric is used for work clothes and industrial uniforms?
We always try that all work clothes for this sector carry a minimum weight of 245 gr. In this way we guarantee a durability of the fabric and the wear resistance that the garment deserves.

We Textiles Company in India currently manufacture all kinds of work wear for this sector. Work jackets, multi-pocket trousers, scuba divers or work overalls, welder's clothing, dressing gowns, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys with reinforcements, shirts, parkas, etc.

In this type of work wear we offer double stitching in the parts that can suffer the most tears, such as the leg, shoulders and arms. However we can also adapt the garment even more, by applying reinforcement pieces with double layer of twill, or with more resistant materials.

Adaptation to high visibility clothing.
Many times companies request a specific wardrobe and want to add high visibility items. The fabrics that most reflectance tends to give are those that wear polyester. We Uniforms Manufacturer in Gujarat can also manufacture all kinds of clothes in technical and special fabrics. Work uniforms with water resistant fabrics, fire retardant and antistatic work clothes. All kinds of specific and technical material, with the desired composition and the colors that the company requests.

Apart from all this, the clothes can be customized and complemented with all the options that are chosen. Put elastics on cuffs, waist or bottom of trousers; make pockets to measure to fulfill the perfect function with what you want to keep in it, etc. The closures can be zipper, automatic, buttons or Velcro. All options according to the function of the garment.

100% polyester fabrics are often used to make work clothes resistant to moisture, chemicals and mechanical forces.

We have Corporate Uniforms in India for these sectors. Work clothes for clinics, pharmacies, residences and work uniforms for cleaning and maintenance. We also manufacture specialized uniforms for each person. In women's uniforms we have a wide variety of fitted outfits, with curved neck, moa collar, shirt collar, etc. These garments usually have fitted in the chest and back, as well as some with selvedge to achieve a greater fit.

For men's uniforms we have short gowns, v-neck ensembles, and a round neck with a central button fastening, straight gowns or men's fitted gowns.

All work uniforms are customizable in colors, contrasts, live single, double or triple. These contrasts and mix of colors, serve to give a corporate image to all the work clothes and differentiate from the most common items. They are also used to separate work clothes by sectors, grades or categories. We have a wide variety of clothing and work uniforms for the services and image sector. In our new range of dress suits you can find men's and women's uniforms. Modern cut suits, tailored and with a variety of buttons, finishes, and customizable details.