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Textiles Company in India

Premium Shirting and Suiting in Mumbai

Textile Company industry is one of the vulnerable domains of the society which off late has faced loads of comments both positive and negative. One often finds it confusing to decide upon a garment when shopping at a mall. There are lots of factors that dominate our selection – color, fabric, price and much more. But when it comes to uniforms, we are offered minimum choices for uniform is not worn for defining a style statement but it must be in accordance to the aesthetic value and culture of the organization.

A uniform brings out sense of uniformity, which is quite essential and required these days. Carino has been in existence for more than 40 years from now. It has been an integral part of the textile industry and showcased uniqueness and quality in each and every product manufactured. They are also coined as one of the best and professional manufacturers of Staff Uniforms in India that design skin friendly and breathable fabric. Having served the industry for such long time, Carino is also a wholesale clothing manufacturer in India that delivers flawless products for every bulk orders.

The export quality material is of high quality and durable. The same goes for well-fabricated corporate uniforms in India. In corporate sector today, uniforms play a pivotal role.

An employer ensures that all his employees are well mannered and depicted professionally in a similar uniform, which ultimately enhances brand value.

About Carino and its rise as topmost Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer in India

Carino finds its roots in Anand Silk Mills that was founded some 40 years ago. Since then the inception has brought about a positive textile revolution and the company has been flourished into a top ranking developers of staff uniforms in India. Backed by years of experience in the industry, Carino today has been a leading manufacturer of Corporate Uniforms in India. The uniqueness in design, texture of the fabric ad color patterns has enhanced company reputation and today it has been touted as one of the most successful brands in the textile industry. It is a leading exporter of quality flawless fabric as well as garments that are cost effective and flawless at the same time.

The effectiveness of the company and the brand dates back to several years and the trained professional manpower have added to the creativity and development of brand power. Carino aims to deliver 100 percent satisfactory end results to the clients that are cost effective and flawless at the same time.