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Polyester Clothing in india

Premium Shirting and Suiting in Mumbai

Carino is highly professional and well-acclaimed Polyester Clothing in India that has been in the industry for several years from now. It has been a highly professional company that has so far delivered flawless fabric and uniforms to multiple industries. It is an effort from the side of team members at Carino that clients are provided with 100 percent satisfaction. They are the manufacturers and exporters of corporate uniforms in India which is a mandate today, when every employers demand for uniformity among its employees. Not limited to Bangalore only, Carino has been making a mark in the industry as efficient and effective uniforms manufacturer in Mumbai as well. Mumbai has been a hub to several kinds of companies- be it small scale or large scale, the city even has several colleges, all these requires uniform in order to generate uniformity.

About Carino

Anand Mills was established almost forty years back by Kejriwal brothers as an initiative to bring out a kind of revolution in the textile industry. The fabric industry was undergoing a steep decline that time and there was no sort of innovation in the design. The vision of Anand Mills established the firms like Carino, which today is one of the leading uniform manufacturer in Bangalore. Not only local markets, the company have been actively participating in the foreign circuit as well by exporting high quality fabric and finished products to the market overseas. Carino covers several regions as part of business expansion and that includes the likes of USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia. Anand mills were established with a mission to be the leader in the domain with flawless quality textiles and finished goods suitable to multiple kinds of industries. Overall, with the initiative and efforts from the staff, Carino today has been touted as the leading Uniforms Manufacturer in Mumbai as well.

The official website of Carino showcases all kinds of designs and fabrics available with the uniforms manufacturers. The company is associated with several MNCs and small-scale start up ventures for developing and exporting genuine skin friendly and breathable Corporate Uniforms in India.