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How to choose the best fabric in India?

How to choose the best fabric in India

It is very important to be able to assess the quality of the garment, in order to maintain a classy wardrobe. Only an expert can identify the difference between durable, fabric and the one that may look attractive on the hanger but sure not to last even for a mid-term session of the school. In fact, some of the best fabric in India is designed with the same thought process their quality has never been compromised under any circumstances and being a brand, customers have started recognizing these qualities.
From the whole lot of fabric manufacturers, it is important to choose the best one. And in this regard, the current write-up is intended to provide our readers with the brief description of how to assess the best fabric in India.

What is a quality of the best fabric?

Before all the different qualities of fabric are being assessed, for low as well as high quality; we have to assess the fabric for:
• A fabric has to have a higher durability and should last for more than a couple of years.
• Every one of us would love the fabric that goes with the shape of our body and does not restrict our movements, nor does it distort our shape.
• A fabric that is being fade away within a short period of time due to over wearing or washing is not loved by anyone.
• We want to be comfortable and experience a feel-good effect on our clothes.
• A smooth fabric that is comfortable, attractive, neat seams will be loved by everyone.

Some of the good qualities of fabrics are tested for:

Durability: - Long fibers of a cloth can be spun into a yarn with fine fibers that are tightly bound to each other; resulting into a strong and durable fabric.
Softness: - A durable long fiber of the fabric can be converted into a more softer yarn; giving rise to ultra-soft cloth that is closely bound with fibers.
Breathability: - The breathing capacity of the fabric is dependent upon the presence of tiny air pockets between the individual fibers that act as a thermal insulator. A fabric with high breathability can make you feel comfortable, especially in summers.
Thus, there are a variety of fabrics currently available in the market such as cotton, linen, woven, synthetic etc. All these types display some unique characteristics that are seasonal as well as individualistic. For example, a silk is generally a lightweight fabric that represents a shimmery, luxury appearance. In Indian traditions, silk is more commonly preferred in functions due to its rich look and capacity to easily hold the shape. Whereas, cotton is the most preferred fabric in India due to its wide availability, comfort, and durability. Linen is also preferred in summer season due to its absorbent nature to absorb sweat more comfortably. This type of fabric is chosen due to its ability to breath and offer comfort.