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Raw Material for Clothing

Raw Material for Clothing

Every garment that is available in today’s fabric industry has certain designs and quality for a better yet comfortable life. There are various Raw Material for Clothing, and the process of choosing the right material is often, when experts are analyzing and understand from where to start.

Essential first step:

Before initiating a process of working on the prototype, it is important to ask for the samples of raw material. When the fabric options are being explored you should be able to analyze the same from design perspectives. Experts have all the flexibility of adapting to number of ideas based upon the options and availability.

Every designer who is ready to work on different designing parameters should note the reliable sourcing strategy, through which he is able to meet the production demands with quality. According to the checklist compiled herewith it is very easy to identify all the relevant things that are required for fabric sourcing and create ultimate strategies.

What should you ask from the supplier?

It is important for you to understand that more quantities of the same fabric can be collected from different suppliers in order to understand the internal natty gritty of the sample. Accordingly, questions on the following aspects can be raised to plan a business accordingly.

Minimum and maximum available quantities

It has been apparent that many suppliers can propose and ask you to purchase the minimum required quantity of the raw material that has been demanded for. In that case, alternative material can be asked from the supplier offering minimum quantities or can be negotiated and settle for the compromise.

If you are starting a new business then you may not be able to estimate what is the exact quantity of raw material that will be required by you; thus, fabric can also be purchased in smaller quantities before the better option.

Lead Time

It is better to always have a specific lead time before the production or the delivery of the material. This can be helpful in planning the production schedule. At any point of time, this should not be assumed that the supplier can be able to deliver the fabric in couple of years’ times.

Repeat Orders

It is important to discuss the availability of stock and delivery time in advance, before giving the order; this would rather be helpful in preventing further loss of your commitment to the dealers. For example, if you need hundreds or even thousands of yards then you have to preplan number of factors to be able to deliver the same within time.


It is always understood that the smaller quantities of material are usually more expensive as compared to larger demands. Thus, the supplier generally has demands with wholesale or tiered pricing, through which sufficient profit can never be achieved.